Charlie Bumpers vs. the End of the Year (Book 7)

Charlie Bumpers vs. the End of the Year (Book 7)


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When Charlie learns that Hector’s family is moving back to Chile at the end of the year, he is crushed. With Tommy’s help, he immediately starts cooking up schemes to keep Hector here. But moving away from his friends turns out to be the least of Hector’s problems. Three mean boys have targeted him for bullying and are making his life miserable. Charlie and Tommy see that he needs help, so they begin a campaign to save Hector and defeat “The Jerzollies of Darkness.” This fun series uses humor to illuminate important values such as learning to live together as a family and making the best of a bad situation.

Reviews & Quotes

"Narrated in a balance of warmhearted insight and wacky naiveté, Charlie’s life will resonate with readers trying to navigate the simple but realistic perils of elementary school." Kirkus Reviews

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