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Same Moon Bill Harley Live at Home

Same Moon Bill Harley Live at Home


This past summer, we decided to experiment with our barn space as a recording studio. On two separate nights, we invited local friends over for a night of story and song; this recording is the result. One night it was really hot and we opened up the doors - if you listen closely, you can hear the crickets and cicadas in the background. The second night was a full moon and in between sets, people wandered out in our yard to stand in her silvery glow.

Storytelling and music works in many settings, but I am coming to believe that the best venue for my work is one where we are all close to each other and the audience is part of the performance. My work, in the end, is about being human, and so I’m sharing this experience with you – me at home, among a bunch of friends, doing what I’ve been doing my whole life. You’re invited, too.

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