One More Time


Bill's second "Best of" recording, One More Time brings together more fan favorite songs and one new story "Alicia and the Little Monster." With his very catchy tune, this monster sends that particular night-time fear away.



2006 Parents' Choice Recommended, Storytelling World Award for "Alicia and the Little Monster"

Reviews & Quotes

"Authentic, funny, and poignant, the tunes demonstrate that Harley has his finger on the pulse of American childhood as does no other performer out there." Mothering Magazine

"A collectible Bill Harley sampler, filled with humorous and telling musical portraits of childhood challenges-avoiding peas at dinner, soccer game blues, irksome siblings, the loss of a pet, moving to a new house (with a touching child vocal). The hilarious "cautionary tale for parents" track, "I'm Busy," is here and so are the old-timey "Nightly Noodles" and the gospel-infused "You Shoulda Been There." Harley also applies his considerable storytelling chops to "Alicia & the Little Monster," a hoot of a new tall tale that reassuringly turns a common nighttime fear upside down."Parents' Choice

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