Who Made This Mess? DVD

Who Made This Mess? DVD


Let Bill take you and your family on a video journey you'll never forget! Accompanied by his band, The Troublemakers, you'll hear rollicking songs and be mesmerized by Bill's storytelling as he recounts the tale of a brother and sister, a strange group of creatures, and some $18,000 sneakers.

On this DVD:
So Long, My Mom
You're in Trouble
Cool in School
Joey, Chloe and the Swamp Monsters
Moon and Me
Who Made this Mess?
Turn the World Around



Parents' Choice Gold Award and the Storytelling World Award

Reviews & Quotes

"His songs are successful with kids because they realistically deal with things kids experience, whether funny or sad." The Boston Parents' Paper

"We first heard Bill perform at Johnson College in Vermont years ago at a teacher's conference on Whole Language. The music and antics were so enjoyable that we ordered a video and a tape for our mentally challenged son. Little did we know what a tremendous impact it would make in his life. We saw smiles, and quiet concentration, all things we never saw before. To this day, 'WHO MADE THIS MESS' brings smiles of joy to all our faces. Thank you for making our sons' life so whole." From Mike's Mom and Dad

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