Battle of the Mad Scientists

Battle of the Mad Scientists


Probably Bill's funniest and certainly most outrageous collection of stories, this recording features Bill at his most improbable and believable best.



Grammy Nominated and an AFIM Nominee

Reviews & Quotes

"Champion yarn-spinner and tunesmith to the pre-teen set, Bill Harley has refused to grow up. Not the way most people grow up, anyway. Somewhere along the line he mastered a form of arrested development that's allowed him to maintain a kid's perspective of the way the world works - and doesn't work." The Washington Post

"I really liked Mrs. Ammons and The Boys' Room. I liked the part when the kid got sucked up by the toilet." From Jeff

Hello again Mr. Harley,
Its Walker S. It was a joy meeting you. Thank you for signing my cds, I've already listened to them like 40 billion times. I LOVE THEM. The best story I think is the "Eeny Beeny Teeny Ghost" and "The Battle of the Mad Scientists." Come visit us soon, Walker S.

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