Bill & Keith's Dollar Store Vol 1


Bill Harley and Keith Munslow have decided to open a dollar store - what could possible go wrong? All episodes have aired on Sirius/XM Kid's Place Live, Montana Public Radio's The Pea Green Boat, and WXPN's Kids Corner to name a few.

Vol 1 includes the Opening Song, Closing Song (Awesomest Version) and the first 12 episodes:

  • Episode 1: Awesomest! - Bill and Keith open a dollar store and while Keith sets up the store, Bill handles the sign.
  • Episode 2: Tanning salon - To bring in business Keith comes up with a sure fire moneymaker.
  • Episode 3: Pony rides - The guys have a great new marketing idea for the store.
  • Episode 4: Sandwiches - Bill makes a deal with a local school to make a thousand sandwiches.
  • Episode 5: Petting Zoo - Keith adds a petting zoo to the store.
  • Episode 6: Silent Partner - The guys get a silent partner who wants to make a few changes.
  • Episode 7: Hot Sauce - Keith comes up with a new money making plan - giving away hot sauce.
  • Episode 8: Flashlight - A customer comes into the store to buy a flashlight.
  • Episode 9: Shoes - Keith gets a great deal on shoes for the store.
  • Episode 10: Camouflage - Keith is going to prevent shop lifting in the store.
  • Episode 11: Ghost Story - Bill is going to tell ghost stories at the store.
  • Episode 12: Grab-bag - Keith comes up with a great new sales idea.

All episodes written, performed and produced by Bill Harley & Keith Munslow.

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