The Teachers' Lounge

The Teachers' Lounge


The Teachers' Lounge is a collection of hilarious and dead-on observations about life in elementary school. On this recording, two richly detailed and plotted stories of his school experiences (The Teachers' Lounge and The Science Fair) are coupled with three poems.

But are the stories true? "Hmmm," Harley says, "well, it says they are on the title. In my storytelling, I try not to let historical accuracy get in the way of honesty. All the stories and poems are audience tested," he notes.

This recording is a GREAT teacher gift!!



2005 Storytelling World Award, NAPPA Gold Award

Reviews & Quotes

"Singer, storyteller, and author Bill Harley's hallmark is his ability to transform the tiniest childhood traumas into full-length comedy routines. In his signature style - half confidential, half kidding - Harley once again proves that being a kid is no easy task." Booklist

"The CD makes me want to giggle. I like it when Warren makes all the funny noises. The poems are good. My favorite is 'The Teachers' Lounge'. Thanks" Charlie (age 12)

"Our family has been Bill Harley fans for years. We have seen him perform live on two occasions. My 11 year old daughter and I listened to 'The Teachers' Lounge' this weekend in the car on a long drive into the city. I think this is his finest work so far. We smiled, we laughed, we came close to some sympathetic tears, and we learned about ourselves. We are already looking forward to his next work." Liza

"I've already played the CD several times. The stories and poems are excellent. What I enjoy most about Bill Harley's stories is that they bring back so many funny (and happy) memories of growing up. In today's world, with so much sad or negative news and stories, it's really a joy to listen to Bill's stories - if only for a short time, you can be transported to a kinder gentler peaceful happy place. It's an amazing gift, and he uses it well." BJ

"My daughter punched it into the CD player as soon as it arrived. We all enjoyed it and started it over again when it was done." Carol

"If your family hasn't heard Harley tell a story, you're in for a real treat. He has a wonderful knack for taking a true story and stretching it just a wee bit, thus creating a highly entertaining and amusing tale. He looks at a situation through the eyes of a child and bases the stories on his impeccable observations. Harley's laid-back, conversational style transports the listener to a front porch where a pal is telling the stories of his daily adventures. His fast-paced emotive telling is sure to draw listeners in and keep them wanting more." Chicago Parent Magazine

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