John Muir's Stickeen told by Bill Harley

John Muir's Stickeen told by Bill Harley


One of the great tales of the America wilderness - performed in Muir's own language - Stickeen tells the story of naturalist John Muir's adventures on an Alaskan glacier in 1880 with a curious brave little dog.

“This story has accompanied me through my whole adult life and I still love it. Muir’s overarching message is that we share the world with other living creatures, and they have as much right to it as we do. Muir’s ethos is at the heart of the movement to preserve the natural world for all of us. He’s one of my heroes.” Bill Harley

Please note: "Stickeen" is one long story split into 4 pieces, approximately 10 minutes each. This is to help you find your place in the story in case you accidentally hit stop instead of pause (like we are very likely to do here at Round River) Because it is one piece, it is only available as a "Full Album" download.

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