Best Candy in the Whole World


Bill's trademark wit and wisdom shine in this collection of stories (and one song) that take listeners on a journey filled with teachers who would rather eat candy than read, a boy who walks to the moon, another who hides in a peanut, a bird who talks and a girl who realizes that home is best after all. "While these stories are fantasy" says Harley of this new recording, "I think what they say about the world is true - taking the time to be kind often leads to unexpected gifts."



2010 NAPPA Honors Winner, Grammy Nominee, Storytelling World Award

Reviews & Quotes

"Magical Tales from a Master Storyteller" Family Fun Magazine

"The Best Candy in the Whole simply superb." Mothering Magazine

"A sweet treat for all ages." The Christian Science Monitor

"His stories are ear candy for listeners 3 to 83 - the best ear candy in the whole world, one might say." Out With the Kids

"Bill Harley's albums of stories are usually good an hour's worth of silent attention broken by the occasional giggle or guffaw, and The Best Candy in the Whole World is no exception." Zooglobble

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